MPJ robot stacker

Product Introduction:This stacking robot carries Janpan’s FANUC and siemens electronic integrated system that has various smart functions.

MPJ robot stackerMPJ robot stackerMPJ robot stackerMPJ robot stacker

Product  Introduction:

With the development of times, the application of robot has been found in many industries. For its flexibility, reliability and convenience, robot is very popular among many companies. Stacking robot integrated system has a load of 300kg, 450kg and 700kg. Its control part adopts an integrated structure built in the base of robot, thus it does not need to be connected via cable and it is easy to conduct setting. Its mechanical wrist adopts a hollow structure which makes it possible to avoid that the mechanical wrist is twisted by the cable of mechanical hand in laying wire.


This stacking robot carries Janpan’s FANUC and siemens electronic integrated system that has various smart functions.

Product Parts:

MPJ robot stacker

Alloy mixer blades

MPJ robot stacker

Alloy hollow brick mould

MPJ robot stacker

Alloy brick mould

MPJ robot stacker


MPJ robot stacker

Thrust bearing

MPJ robot stacker


Auger adopts high chromium raw materials,the auger front part can produce 25million bricks,the auger back part can produce 45 million bricks one time. High load capacity to admit any pressure from soft to stiff extrusion condition. Reducers with parallel shafts,case hardened and ground helical gears to ensure secure,progressive transmission and quiet operation and long durability.
MPJ robot stacker 

Extruder shaft

MPJ robot stacker


Extruder shaft and gear adopts heat treatment.If with proper maintenance,we can give at least 4 years guarantee for gears and shaft. 1.Hinged body.Easy opening for maintenance tasks and part replacement.

2.Highly wear resistant chrome alloy liners with a bolt-free system,preventing air leaks and making replacement operations easier.

Making different bricks:

MPJ robot stacker



Technical Parameters:

Loading MPJ800 MPJ500 MPJ300
Structure form Joint type Joint type Joint type
Degree of freedom 4 4 4
Horizontal Pull length 3.25m 3.25m 3.25m
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
 Weight 2700KG 2450KG 1900KG
Power 24KW 18KW 15KW
Action Range S Axis -185°~+185° -185°~+185° -185°~+185°
L Axis -90°~+45° -90°~+45° -90°~+45°
U Axis -120°~+15.5° -120°~+15.5° -120°~+15.5°
T Axis -360°~+360° -360°~+360° -360°~+360°
Maximum speed S Axis 70°/s 90°/s 70°/s
L Axis 70°/s 90°/s 70°/s
U Axis 70°/s 90°/s 70°/s
T Axis 130°/s 200°/s 200°/s
Capacity (pcs/h) 14400-21600 9600-14400 7200-9000