SXJ Upper and lowder rack system

Product Introduction:Low price.simple structureThe device consists of a blank, blank turning, grouping, coding, learn from foreign advanced technology,

Product  Introduction:

  The twice loading automation system is the key equipment for the production of high-grade wall materials automation, and it is also the equipment which is widely used in the production of high-grade wall materials in developed countries. This system adheres to the design idea of COSMEC Italy, which owns advanced technology, high degree of automation level and high stability. The system consists of green brick cutting, grouping and loading on pallet, pallet transfer, pallet temporary storage, pallet loading and unloading, dry brick unloading from pallet, grouping, spacing and setting etc. This entire system is controlled by high-end PLC, which links each intelligent unit through PROFIBUS, and achieves the automatic operation of data setting or adjustment through industrial computer. This system is suitable for the production of both various common wall materials and high-grade wall materials.

1.Fast speed,high efficiency,big capacity,
The maximum capacity exceeds 25,000 pcs/hr;
2.Low electric consumption,low cost;
3.Driving by servo motor,running smoothly,high automatic;
4.Simple craft,reliable machine;
5.Flexible,save room and strong site adaptability;
6.Suitable for all kinds of bricks.
simple structure,standard brick, Multi-hole brick, building blocks,etc.

According to the fixing form of the pallet on dryer car: it is divided into movable pallet type and fixed pallet type.
According to the transfer form of brick from the pallet to the drying car, it is divided into fixed dryer car type and dryer car lifting type.
According to the loading number of pallets each time, it is divided into single-layer loading type and multi-layer loading type.
Moreover, we also have various options in most of function zone, such as, for brick cutting, we have choices like: vertical cutter with chamfering device, block cutter, high-precision universal cutter etc.
The twice loading automation equipment is a highly customized system, which needs to be selected according to the type and numbers of product, the requirements of quality and production capacity etc.


1. The cutting length of the servo system is accurate, the cutting section is vertical with high speed and less vibration;
2. The multi cutter adopts double frame structure, which shifts when wire broken. The chamfering function is optional;
3. The brick collecting conveyor is gifted function of automatic recycling of waste bricks;
4. single layer drying solution can effectively protect the surface of bricks;
5. the easy conversion of vertical or horizontal loading allows convenient switch, which realize a smooth production of both on same equipment;
6. both conventional gripper and spacing gripper are optional to achieve various loading solutions;
7. diversified program allows an easy switch of production of different brick types;
8. The human-machine interface is easy to learn and operate.


This stacking system  carries Janpan’s FANUC and siemens electronic integrated system that has various smart functions.

Product Parts:

Alloy mixer blades

Alloy hollow brick mould

Alloy brick mould


Thrust bearing


Auger adopts high chromium raw materials,the auger front part can produce 25million bricks,the auger back part can produce 45 million bricks one time. High load capacity to admit any pressure from soft to stiff extrusion condition. Reducers with parallel shafts,case hardened and ground helical gears to ensure secure,progressive transmission and quiet operation and long durability.

Extruder shaft


Extruder shaft and gear adopts heat treatment.If with proper maintenance,we can give at least 4 years guarantee for gears and shaft. 1.Hinged body.Easy opening for maintenance tasks and part replacement.

2.Highly wear resistant chrome alloy liners with a bolt-free system,preventing air leaks and making replacement operations easier.

Making different bricks:



Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity Stacking period stacking height Power Dimensions
SXJ160 110-286 pcs/Time 8-26 s/time 0-1.6m 28.6kw 5500*4600*3300mm
SXJ260 164-312 pcs/Time 8-30 s/time 0-1.6m 23.1kw 5200*3600*3450mm