clay brick production lines

clay brick production lines

The dual axis stirring extruder is a raw material processing equipment suitable for sintering brick production lines that use clay, shale, coal gangue, and sludge as the main r aw materials. Mainly used for mixing materials with water, stirring, extrusion, kneading, and improving the plasticity and molding ability of raw materials. It has the characteristics of uniform mixing, strong load-bearing capacity, long service life, and wide applicability.
The power is driven by the reducer and gearbox gear pair to rotate the mixer’s two axes in opposite directions. The two axes are equipped with mixing blades with opposite rotation directions, which cause the material to flip, shear, and convection; At the same time, the water spraying system sprays mist like water into the material and mixes it with it. During this process, the kneading effect between the mud and the material further improves the homogenization effect of different properties of raw materials.


Select what kind of raw material processing equipment and Vacuum extruder equipment based on
your raw material and brick design.

The equipment includes material feeding, cleaning, crushing, mixing, aging, extruding, brick cutting and stacking etc.

There is a pneumatic clutch installed between the electric motor and the reducer, which can achieve no-load starting of the motor and also provide overload protection. The extrusion cutter and inner and outer conical sleeves are made of wear-resistant alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and easy to replace.

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