JKB clay brick making machine

Product Introduction:1.Strong applicability, high output. Good choice for big project;2.The raw material for making bricks can be clay,fly ash,coal gangue,shale,urban construction waste,gangue waste,inferior soil,etc.3.High vacuum and pressure extrusion,can make strong solid bricks and hollow bricks with qualified holes. 4.The size of solid brick and the holes of hollow bricks can be changed according to your needs.5.This model is hot sale in Africa,Central Asia,Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria ,etc.

Product Introduction:

  1. Strong applicability, high output. Good choice for big project;
  2. The raw material for making bricks can be clay,fly ash,coal gangue,shale,urban construction waste,gangue waste,inferior soil,etc
  3. High vacuum and pressure extrusion,can make strong solid bricks and hollow bricks with qualified holes.
  4. The size of solid brick and the holes of hollow bricks can be changed according to your needs.
  5. This model is hot sale in Africa,Central Asia,Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria ,etc.

There are two kinds of kiln for you to choose: tunnel kiln, hoffman kiln. Hoffman kiln with tunnel dryer is also good for this production line. (cost less than tunnel kiln and more efficient than hoffman kiln) If you want to learnmore information, please contact us.

Product Parts:

Alloy mixer blades

Alloy hollow brick mould

Alloy brick mould


Thrust bearing


Auger adopts high chromium raw materials,the auger front part can produce 25million bricks,the auger back part can produce 45 million bricks one time. High load capacity to admit any pressure from soft to stiff extrusion condition. Reducers with parallel shafts,case hardened and ground helical gears to ensure secure,progressive transmission and quiet operation and long durability.

Extruder shaft


Different types of augers are available to adapt for varying clay requirements and shaping conditions:

1.Highly wear resistant chromium alloy

2.Steel alloys with chromium or tungsten carbides resurfacing

3.Steel alloy

The whole Magnabloc extruder range offers alternatives for cylindrical,conical or extra-conical auger configurations to better adapt for any product need,type of clay and shaping requirements.

1.Hinged body.Easy opening for maintenance tasks and part replacement.

2.Highly wear resistant chrome alloy liners with a bolt-free system,preventing air leaks and making replacement operations easier.

Making different bricks:



Technical Parameters:

 Model Capacity Up to(t/h) Extruder Power
Vacuum degree
Vacuum pressure (MPA) Out size


JKB45F 32.5 90+45 ≤-0.092 3.0 6200X1500X2300
JKB45D 35 110+45 ≤-0.092 3.5 6300X1900X2400
JKB50C 41 132+55 ≤-0.092 3.2 6700X1900X2500
JKB50B 45 132+55 ≤-0.092 3.5 6700X1900X2600
JKB50B 45 160+55 ≤-0.092 3.8 6700X1900X2525