XGL Steel Board Box feeder

Product Introduction:Auxiliary equipment for transportation machinery on brick and tile production lines;Robust structure, high traction strength and high productivity;

XGD Belt Box feederXGD Belt Box feederXGD Belt Box feeder

Product Introduction of  Chain plate Box Feeder:

Box Feeder is one of feeder’s equipments which balances and rations the materials that you feed in. By adjusting the height of flash board and the speed of Steel Board, it will control the quantity of feed-in raw materials, balance pug and internal combustion material proportionally, and crush the large hard material,such as shale,coal gangue.


Simple structure,Low cost,delivering a high (8%-18%) moisture content of raw materials,the most widely used box feeder

Product Parts:

XGL Steel Board Box feeder

Alloy mixer blades

XGL Steel Board Box feeder

Alloy hollow brick mould

XGL Steel Board Box feeder

Alloy brick mould

XGL Steel Board Box feeder


XGL Steel Board Box feeder

Thrust bearing

XGL Steel Board Box feeder


Auger adopts high chromium raw materials,the auger front part can produce 25million bricks,the auger back part can produce 45 million bricks one time. High load capacity to admit any pressure from soft to stiff extrusion condition. Reducers with parallel shafts,case hardened and ground helical gears to ensure secure,progressive transmission and quiet operation and long durability.
XGL Steel Board Box feeder 

Extruder shaft

XGL Steel Board Box feeder


Extruder shaft and gear adopts heat treatment.If with proper maintenance,we can give at least 4 years guarantee for gears and shaft. 1.Hinged body.Easy opening for maintenance tasks and part replacement.

2.Highly wear resistant chrome alloy liners with a bolt-free system,preventing air leaks and making replacement operations easier.

Making different bricks:

XGL Steel Board Box feeder



Technical Patameters:

Type Capacity (m³/h) Power (kw) Size(mm) Moisture Raw material Input size(mm)
XGL60X400 10-35 5.5 4600X1890X1470 ≤10%~16% <300
XGL80X400 10-45 7.5 4760X1950X1520 ≤10%~16% <300
XGL80X450 10-45 7.5 5180X1980X1430 ≤10%~16% <300
XGL100X500 20-100 11 5600X2450X1650 ≤10%~16% <300
XGL120X500 20-100 11 5600X2650X1680 ≤10%~16% <300