how to make clay red brick by clay making machines from china

how to make clay red brick  by clay making machines from china

how to make clay red brick by clay making machines from china

At the start of the production process, clay milling operations were changed to include screening before and after crushing. The inclusion of screening before crushing eliminated the need for electricity to be used on crushing approximately 30% of the raw material that was already small enough to be used in production, leading to significant monetary savings.

Considering that Claytile’s screening is particularly fine for its multi-perforated products, the pre-screening practice would likely provide similar value to a number of brick makers. The layout of the crushing process was also improved to minimise handling and three-day souring applied to allow water to penetrate the clay better, leading to increased wetting and energy savings at extrusion as a result. This also reduced wasted raw materials and improved brick qualit.

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