mixer for full automatic clay brick production line

mixer for full automatic clay brick production line

mixer for full automatic clay brick production line

1. Box feeder for full automatic clay brick production line :

Box Feeder is the feeding equipment which is used to balance and ration during brick producing. It is applicable to various bulk and block materials with controllable feeding speed and feeding quantity. It is the first part of clay brick making machine.

2. Crusher for full automatic clay brick production line :

Crusher and wear on the roller machine is also a raw material crushing, squeezing, grinding equipment. The advantages of the device is low power, reasonable price, suitable for crushing clay raw materials. It is the second step of clay brick making machine

3. Double-shaft mixer for full automatic clay brick production line :

Double-Shaft Mixer is used to mix water with crushed raw materials, increase the comprehensive quality of raw materials, greatly improve appearance quality and ratio of forming, thus it is indispensable raw material processing machine for red clay brick making.

4. Strip cutting and billet cutting machine of full automatic clay brick production line :

Strip Cutting and Billet Cutting machine is mainly used to cut mud which is squeezed from extruder into qualified red clay brick during sintering brick production. The cutter is the new vertical strip cutting and blank cutting system designed and deceloped by our factory which adopts advanced automatic PLC control, combing with photoelectric, close positioning, pneumatic and electric servo systems and etc. It has advanage of high accuracy, easy operation, and simple maintenance an so on.

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