Why most of tunnel kiln brick factories don’t fire good bricks in china

 Why most of tunnel kiln brick factories don’t fire good bricks in china

 Why most of tunnel kiln brick factories don’t fire good bricks in china

 Why most of tunnel kiln brick factories don’t work good bricks in china

Reason 1: No raw material analysis

According to our survey of 100 failed brick factories in the past, more than 80% of the brick factories did not do any analysis on their raw materials before building the factory. They just purchased brick machine and kiln equipment based on their feelings. In fact, the raw materials of each brick factory is more or less different. The selection of the machine should also consider its raw materials, brick type, kiln output, etc., which requires a systematic design.

Reason 2: Without professional design

More than 90% failed brick factories do not want to pay the factory design fees before they start the brick projects. In fact, a perfect process design process is an important guarantee for the success of a brick factory. The design cost of different brick factories is about 30,000~80,000 USD. Because of different raw materials and brick types, daily output, kiln width and length and building materials and kiln equipment used in the kiln will be different too. In order to attract business, many companies will not charge customers for design fees, because they are temporarily hiring some unqualified kiln workers to design for them. and these kiln workers do not actually have the ability to design. Sometimes they just buy a set of drawings from other companies and use them in different projects. How can such kiln workers guarantee the success of the project? Therefore, if the client wants to achieve the success of the project, he must be willing to spend money on those professional companies. Any kiln that is not professionally designed will generally fail

Reason 3: Does not have enough budget

Part of the reason for the failure of some projects is due to the limitation of funds. When selecting equipment,they just want to save money without considering the performance of the equipment. This leads to the fact that the brick factory is always stuck in the operation process, and the kiln does not have enough bricks to Production.

The project adopts tunnel type single-layer drying with the drying process of automatic upper and lower rack system, and the tunnel kiln is equipped with the automatic pulverized coal burner firing process. The whole project has a high level of automation and advanced technology, which solves the problem of high soil water content and difficulty in drying in Bangladesh, and meets the production requirements for different types of high-grade bricks.

After several months of trial production, the production line is stable, reliable and easy to use, and is highly praised by customers and peers. The fully automatic production process makes the brick products uniform in size and uniform in color, and the overall appearance and strength are superior. Even the most common solid brick products meet the requirements of decorative bricks, and the price of the products is higher than the market average.

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