china top extruder how to Maintenance and service

china top extruder how to Maintenance and service

china top extruder how to Maintenance and service

china top extruder how to Maintenance and service

Next, Baoshen extuder machinery will explain to you that operators must be familiar with the structural characteristics of the extruder they operate, especially the structural characteristics of the screw, the characteristics of the control instruments for heating and cooling, the characteristics of the machine head and the assembly conditions, so as to correctly grasp the extrusion process conditions and operate the machine correctly.

The operation methods of extruding different plastic products are different, but they also have their own similarities. The following is a brief introduction to the same operation steps and precautions when extruding various products.

1. Preparation before start-up

(1) Plastic used for extrusion molding. Raw materials shall meet the required drying requirements, and further drying is required if necessary. The raw materials shall be sieved to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

(2) Check whether the water, electricity and gas systems of the equipment are normal, ensure that the water and gas circuits are unblocked without leakage, whether the electrical system is normal, and whether the heating system, temperature control and various instruments work reliably; Conduct low-speed test run of the auxiliary machine with no load, and observe whether the equipment operates normally; Start the vacuum pump of the sizing table and observe whether it works normally; Lubricate the lubricating parts of various equipment. If any fault is found, it shall be eliminated in time.

(3) Installation head and setting sleeve. Select the machine head specification according to the product variety and size. Install the machine head in the following order.

① The heads shall be assembled together and integrally mounted on the extruder.

② Before assembling the machine head, wipe off the grease applied during storage, carefully check whether there are bumps, scratches and rust spots on the surface of the cavity, polish it if necessary, and then apply a layer of silicone oil on the surface of the runner.

③ Assemble each plate of the machine head in sequence, apply high-temperature grease on the bolt thread, and then screw on the bolt and flange.

④ Place the perforated plate between the machine head flanges to ensure that the perforated plate is pressed without overflow.

⑤ Before tightening the fastening bolts of the connecting flange between the die and the extruder, the horizontal position of the die shall be adjusted. The square die can be leveled by the horizontal method, and the round die shall be leveled by the bottom of the die based on the rubber bottom of the shaped model.

⑥ Tighten the connecting flange bolts, tighten the head fastening bolts, install the heating ring and thermocouple, and note that the heating ring should be close to the outer surface of the head.

⑦ Install the setting sleeve and adjust it in place. Check whether the main machine, the setting sleeve and the center line of the tractor are aligned. Tighten the fixing bolts after adjustment. Connect each water pipe and vacuum pipe of the sizing sleeve.

⑧ Turn on the heating power supply to heat the machine head and the machine Jane evenly. At the same time, open the cooling water at the bottom of the hopper and the gear box and the water inlet valve of the exhaust vacuum pump.

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