gearbox brick machinery china

gearbox brick machinery china

This serial equipment has features as follow:

1.The extrusion gearbox adopts planetary gearbox, which is light weight, small size, convenient installation, high transmission efficiency, which is more than 30% higher in transmission efficiency than that of common gearbox, stable operation, low noise, long service life.

2. Mixing gearbox adopts hard tooth surface gearbox which design and produced by professional manufacturer. The gearbox is specialized for reliable quality, long service life and low noise

3. Main shaft and mixing shaft adopts 40Cr as material, all goes through heat treatment ,aging ,quenching and tempering .

4.You can just change mouth-piece to come ture different brick size.

5.If this machine has any questions.

6.We can  provide you plant design,process design and kiln design and we can also provide the one-stop service.

1.Each small part of machine would be packed well, also we would arrange engineer to check each machine parts before delivery, so we can ensure buyer can get complete brick making machine for clay  parts. 

2. Some parts will be given soft protection before feeding in the container to make sure all the machine will.

be new when arriving at customer hand.

3. Inside the container, we will fix the machine with steel wire,to make sure all the machine will be fixed safety.


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