box feeder

box feeder

box feeder

The box feeder is used for uniform and quantitative feeding equipment. It can control the quantity of feed-in raw materials and also break up large pieces of soft clay through adjusting the height of flashboard and the speed of conveyor belt. Our company has chain plate box feeder ( suitable for the evenly feed of large block materials ) , belt box feeder (suitable for the evenly feed of small particle materials) , continuous belt feeder et cetera. These are suitable for different raw materials and different specification extruders.

2.Conveyer Machine 

Cleated belt conveyor is lightweight and portable, mobility applicable in bulk loading, transport packaging and other occasions, suit to diversified occasions, and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in chemical industry, coal, mine, electrical department, light industry, grain, transportation department etc. It is suitable for conveying various materials in granular or powder. 

3 Axle Mixing Machine

Multi-stirring piece design and unique mixing angle make the mixing faster and more uniform, which can improve the production efficiency. Water is injected into the concrete mixer, which accelerates the mixing of water and mix materials as well as thoroughly cleans it. 

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